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Tip #10 - Garage/Yard Sales

Tip #10 - Garage/Yard Sales


Author: Web Master/Saturday, June 13, 2015/Categories: Connecting Tips

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It's THAT time of year -- Host one or visit one!

Garage and yard sales present great conversation starters:
• What did you use THIS for?
• How can you part with such a TREASURE?
• I've never seen ANYTHING like those!
• Do you have MORE of THESE?
• WHEREVER did you find this?!

One conversation leads to another. So find out a little more about your neighbors and invite them to learn a little more about you! In the process… you just might make a sale or find a deal! :)


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Most of the times people go without having all this knowledge. As a result they will sell valuable things for less. Therefore, researching an item an knowing its worth is the most important thing before going to a garage sale.

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