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God’s Heart for my Neighborhood

God’s Heart for my Neighborhood

Here are some suggestions for "the art" of prayer walking...

Author: ELC Editor/Wednesday, September 21, 2016/Categories: Connecting Tips

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As an individual, a family, or as a connection group... consider setting aside time to go on prayer walks. This activity benefits those walking, others in the vicinity of the walk, and God Himself as He receives glory by working through the prayers!

Here are some suggestions for DOING a prayer walk:

•Quiet your mind and heart before God.

•Thank Him for accompanying you and conversing with you during this time.

•Respond to the Holy Spirit's nudges as you walk: What activities do you come across? Pray about them! Who do you see/hear during your walk? Pray for them! Why has God initiated a prayer walk here? Pray for insight!

•Take notes during or after your walk to record how God answers.

•If walking with another or others, share thoughts and perceptions along the way.

Prayer walks touch the heart of God and invite Him to touch the hearts of all others involved. Give it a try and expect God to be moving!


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