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Egg Hunts - Bring on the Joy!

Egg Hunts - Bring on the Joy!

This simple & fun activity connects neighbors...

Author: ELC Editor/Monday, March 25, 2019/Categories: Connecting Tips

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•     "We had 4 ethnic backgrounds represented at our egg hunt... God is opening doors!"
•     "A girl came to our egg hunt who had not heard of Jesus!"
•     "We were encouraged that more of our neighbors wanted to come than we had expected!"
•     "After so much time indoors over the winter, this is a great way to catch up with neighbors again."
•     "God showed up in a big way, and everything went really well. All my concerns were unfounded. I am already looking forward to another egg hunt with my neighbors next year!"

These comments help show ways God is working among us, and reasons that Emmanuel's "Neighbor Egg Hunts" have been so well received. If you have not yet hosted or helped host one of these egg hunts, here are 3 motivations for your prayerful consideration:
1. God WILL show up :)
2. Emmanuel provides everything needed... except an outside area!
3. Your neighbors are waiting for you to invite them!

Whether 1 child or 12 children participate, both you and they will be blessed. Ask an Emmanuel friend, or your Connection Group to join with you. Pick a date, let your neighbors know, grab your hunt kit at church... and you are all set! Share how you see God work by passing along your stories. "Happy Easter" and "Happy Egg Hunts"!

Questions? Contact Randy Holdeman, Manager of Connection Groups and Lay Ministry, 937-238-8232 or Rholdeman@emmanuellc.org


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