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Connection Tip: Follow the Ants

Connection Tip: Follow the Ants

Let's thank God for these interesting insects and learn lessons from some of their "antics"....

Author: ELC Editor/Wednesday, August 03, 2016/Categories: Connecting Tips

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When you get annoyed at the pesky ants invading your enjoyable picnic, take a moment to thank God for these interesting insects and to learn a lesson from some of their "ANT-ics"!

• Weaver ants work as a team to "sew" nests in the tops of trees - lining up, pulling leaves side by side and "stitching" them together, while the larvae produce silk "thread"

• Army ants move across large areas of land in enormous swarms, eating up every insect in their path (part of God's natural insect control operation!)

• Honeypot ants have abdomens that hold sweet nectar and water so that other ants can feed from them when needing nutrition and drink

While we are NOT suggesting that your connection group members are pesky, we ARE suggesting that these relationships are God-designed to support, to do spiritual battle, to nourish:

• Support one another to make the Word of God your dwelling place for truth and peace

• Wage battle together against all strategies of world, devil, and flesh

• Nourish your neighbors, coworkers, and friends with the sweet grace of the Gospel and with the water of life, Jesus Christ

May we continue as busy as ants all year, bringing God glory by living out His love and power to each other and to our neighbors!


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You are absolutely right that skill development is a constant cycle and actually we learn throughout our lives. It is just that by the time our skills improves gradually and we learn from every new involvement and experience.

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