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Connection Tip: Ask Someone About Their Cross

Connection Tip: Ask Someone About Their Cross

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Author: ELC Editor/Monday, March 21, 2016/Categories: Connecting Tips

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People wear crosses year round… WHY?

• They like the symbol?

• It belonged to a parent or grandparent?

• Belief that special blessings come to one who wears it?


Whatever the reason, it is a great conversation starter:

"I like your cross necklace! What does it mean to you?"

"You are wearing a cross… are you a Christian?"

"That's an interesting cross -- Where did you get it?"


As you connect with a person wearing a cross, ask God's Spirit to give you a question to ask that will be received with favor by the hearer. Then enjoy the conversation, trusting God to do in that person's mind and heart whatever work He has gone ahead to prepare. Thank-you, Jesus, for taking up the cross for us. May its symbol always remind us of sacrifice, forgiveness, freedom! Amen.


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