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Connection Growth - Plan and Prepare

Connection Growth - Plan and Prepare

Getting Ready for "Warm Weather" Connecting

Author: ELC Editor/Monday, January 18, 2016/Categories: Connecting Tips

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Winter trees appear dead, but are in fact "hibernating". Winter neighborhoods may appear "dead", but are in fact "hibernating", staying warm and safe until more favorable weather returns in the spring.

So… WINTER is the PERFECT time to plan and prepare for upcoming "good weather" connecting!  Here's how that might look:

· Stay close to God so that you are equipped and ready for new connections He has planned… READ SCRIPTURE often to know the heart and mind of Christ

· Ask God's Spirit to bring to mind the neighbors or classmates or coworkers that He wants to connect with you… START PRAYING for them and for opportunities

· Make a list of the gifts God has given you - spiritual, mental, physical, material, natural, relational, experiential… OFFER YOUR GIFTS to God and watch for ways He invites you to use them

· Get into a routine with your Connection Group so that you are receiving REGULAR SUPPORT for your missional connecting.

· JOURNAL & SHARE the ways God is working in your life and in the lives of those around you


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10/24/2017 8:29 AM

These plans are very important for the proper working of child's brain. I have written different bestessay on this article and I have some work experience in this field.

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