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Connecting Tip: Learn to Listen Well...

Connecting Tip: Learn to Listen Well...

it opens "the doors" of minds and hearts!

Author: ELC Editor/Monday, October 17, 2016/Categories: Connecting Tips

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Whether it is a group of neighbors, classmates, coworkers or friends… it is easy to get distracted from God's purposes for our relationships and conversations when one or more in the group are feeling "prickly".

We've all been there: tired from a late night, upset about a national headline, irritable from school or work frustrations, angry at a neighbor's actions… and those "prickles" pop out in our thoughts, looks and words!

With a lot of help from the Holy Spirit to utilize some effective listening tools, we can much more quickly "prevent the prickles" and instead prepare the way for positive interactions and passing out group hugs.

Emmanuel's Connection Group (CG) Ministry has purchased Equipping Ministries' DVD resource, "TRUST building… loving, listening & leading more like Jesus." With step-by-step video training that utilizes examples and practice exercises, you will become much more comfortable connecting with all different kinds of people in many different kinds of settings.

We know God hears us with love, with understanding, and with a wise response. Use this resource during your CG gatherings to learn to model that kind of listening with those in your community!

For more information, contact Randy Holdeman, Manager of Connection Groups & Lay Ministry, 937-238-8232 or Rholdeman@emmanuellc.org.


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