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When Life "Caves In"....

When Life "Caves In"....

Only God has the wisdom and power to raise up something good.

Younger Set
Object lesson - a small flower or vegetable plant, or picture of apple or oak tree in different stages.

 1. Talk about God's design for plants: starting with seeds, growing with help of soil & sun & water, blooming and bearing "fruit".

 2. Make comparison to God's design for people and their faith: God plants faith in baptism, grows with help of Spirit & Word & parents & pastors & SS teachers, bears "fruit" of love and sharing Jesus with others.

 3. What happens when a plant gets stepped on or eaten by an animal, or gets knocked down by wind or snow, or dried out by no rain? Did the animal cause this hardship? Can anyone or anything still help the plant survive?

4. What happens when very bad and hard and sad things happen in our lives? Do these things happen because God is mad and punishing us? (These things happen because sin is a part of all the world and all people. Jesus was punished for all sins and all people, so these hard things are not punishments. As a kind and wise Father, God works from these bad times to turn us to depend on Him for help and comfort, and to work through His children to help others know His love and power.)

5. Ask the children to share about a bad time in their lives when they saw that God brought a blessing.

Older Set
A "stumbling block" question that continues to harden hearts toward God is, "Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people? Surely a God of love would not want His children to endure tragedies!"

Share together Bible verses you know that speak to this understanding, in addition to the unfruitful fig tree parable printed below. What is God's truth to us about very difficult times and tragedies? (If needed, here are some to get you started: Psalm 23, Isaiah 43:2, John 16:33, Acts 7:54-60, Romans 8:28-29, Ephesians 6:10-20)

If Jesus is the vinedresser, doing everything possible to bring abundant life and fruitfulness in people, how does that transform my thinking and living?

Encourage one another by sharing times you have experienced God bringing you a blessing through a tragedy. How can we encourage others when they are enduring a tragedy? Should our approach differ for a follower of Jesus vs. a pre-saved person?


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4/3/2019 3:35 AM

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5/8/2019 2:27 AM

I feel affection for how this course follows along with the God's design for plants. All my children are learning the similar information but at their own intensity! It is very attractive for my younger kids, however education important science perceptions.

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