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Thinking Outside the Box...

Thinking Outside the Box...

God does it ALL the time!

The event was shared about a gentleman taking boxes of Bibles to deliver to a school in another country. After arriving, the principal refused to allow the Bibles to be distributed. Instead of leaving, the gentleman listened to a nudging of God's Spirit, and said to those with him, "Let's each grab a box of Bibles and start carrying the boxes around the school." They did so, just as the Israelites marched around Jericho. And we can be sure they were praying as they walked, just as the Israelites were surely praying!

As other teachers saw the men walking in the cold around the school carrying boxes, and started to make comments and ask questions… the principal came outside, and asked the men to come into the school. God's Word went from inside to outside the boxes Praise the Lord!

Points to Ponder - What are several of my favorite "outside the box" workings of God/Jesus in the Bible?  What are several of my favorite "outside the box" workings of God/Jesus in my life?  How can I cooperate more fully with the Holy Spirit of Jesus living in me to think and live more "outside the box" in my Gospel witness to those around me?  What action steps can my Connection Group take to help each other think and live more "outside the box?

Read Joshua 6:1-21 NIV

Younger Set

• Read from a children's Bible (with picture), the event of Joshua & Israelites marching around Jericho. WHY did God ask His people to conquer this city in such a strange & amazing way? (He wanted them to realize it was Him alone giving the victory!)

• What are some other strange & amazing things God has done? (Adults help brainstorm: created the platypus :), parted the Red Sea, sent bread and birds from heaven to feed His people in wilderness, made time stand still or move backward, protected 3 men from being burned in a fire-filled furnace, caused a large fish to swallow Jonah, caused a King to be born in a stable, walked on water, died for His enemies!)

• Have YOU seen God do some strange & amazing things? Share! (Adults help! Maybe answered a prayer to find something that was totally lost, maybe bring to faith someone that did not believe before, maybe grow a BIG garden from some tiny seeds, maybe order an eclipse, or a falling star, or a rainbow, etc.)

• What are some strange and amazing ways that God's Spirit in YOU can help someone else know and love your powerful and wonderful God? (Adults help with "outside the box" ideas! Maybe send a mystery care-note or put a mystery gift by their door, maybe offer to help with yard or housework, maybe ask them to join you for a walk or picnic or a church activity, etc.)

Close with a prayer asking God's Spirit to stir up our minds with strange and amazing ways to share the Gospel!

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