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The Holy Family: How Will This Be?

The Holy Family: How Will This Be?

Would I respond as they did?

God allows us a few intimate glimpses into the lives of the holy family so that we may be encouraged in our own faith journeys!  What "jumps out" at you in the following passages?

Read these selected Scriptures before discussing the 'Point to Ponder'. (Ask children/youth to draw a picture of the Holy Family while the moms and dads are sharing. That way their hands will be busy, but their ears will be listening!)

• Have several dads read Matthew 1:18-25, 2:13-15, 2:19-23: What are qualities of Joseph, "dad" of Jesus, that all dads and Christ-followers desire to display? Have you experienced these qualities in your life?

• Have 2 or 3 moms share reading Luke 1:26-38: What are qualities of Mary, "mom" of Jesus, that all moms and Christ-followers desire to display? Have you experienced these qualities in your life?

• If possible, have a couple children/youth read Luke 2:39-52: What are qualities of Jesus, "son" of Joseph and Mary, that all children/youth and Christ-followers desire to display? Have you experienced these qualities in your life?

As a Connection Group, what step can we take to help each other grow in the Lord for a greater witness of Him in our daily living?

We kneel before You, Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name (Eph 3:14). Thank you for each person you have placed in our family and for the faith you grow among us. Help us to trust you fully by obeying Your Word and responding to the guidance of Your Holy Spirit. Please strengthen us with joy to bring You to our neighbors in deeds and in words. In the name of Jesus, our Brother and Savior, Amen.

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