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Psalms of Christmas: Ancestry

Psalms of Christmas: Ancestry

From December 4, 2016 Message

Terrorist bombings, devastating natural disasters, violent conflicts between citizens and police, unprecedented drug crises in many cities… “What is our world coming to???”

Advent brings a truthful and timely answer: Our world is coming to its end.

Yet none of this is new to God or to His people. He has told us since the beginning that He would come as a baby King in the manger, as a servant King in the crucifixion and resurrection, and as a ruling King at Judgement Day.

• Do I display ANGUISH over the evil caused by Satan, world, and flesh?
• Do I display confidence that God is completing TODAY the covenant He made with Abraham to give land, many generations, and eternal blessing to His chosen ones?
• Do I OVERCOME sin in His power to live as His holy servant?
• Do I live with joy so that others know the VICTORY God has provided?

Suggestion: Make a simple “Jesse Tree” with your Connection Group or family. All ages may participate and you can find many free resources online. As you assemble the tree, remind each other of the plans and promises God has fulfilled in His time. Rejoice that He has made each of you part of His-story! And pray for God to bring others into your path that still need to hear this Good News!

Points to Ponder – Are there things happening in the world that cause you to question the character and nature of man? Are there things happening in the world that cause you to question the character and nature of God? Where is the best place to go for answers about questions of man and God? Are there people in your life that can best help you to answer questions about man and God? Are you in a relationship with others so that you can provide good answers to their questions about man and God?

READ Psalm 89 NIV

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3/25/2017 5:08 AM

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3/25/2017 8:54 AM

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