About Connection Groups


Connection Group Focus Areas

Responding to the “GOD WITH US”… we will connect both our geographic and Emmanuel communities to the Compassion, Grace and Truth of Jesus Christ through relationships in our daily lives.

So, what are Connection Groups (CG)?

CG are a ministry of Emmanuel Lutheran Church.  They are intergenerational small groups of two or more families with leaders who serve as HOSTS (Helping Others See The Savior) as they gather regularly with one another in worship, fellowship and ministry to each other.  CG members grow as disciples of Christ and join Him in the mission of bringing the Gospel to unbelievers in our community.

In Acts 2:42-47 we see the impact on the unbelieving world of believers that live life together. As we are spurred on to do good deeds, taking care of the oppressed, hopeless, widows, and orphans, the world will be drawn to know Christ (“and the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved”). It is our desire at Emmanuel that through prayer and with God's help, we will spur each other on in our spiritual journey. As God conforms us to the image of Christ, the world will see Him more clearly and respond to His call. This is our commission, responsibility, and privilege as grateful and obedient followers of Christ.

Using Acts 2:42-47 as the model, we will practice the following 5 ("puzzle pieces") of CG in order to fulfull Emmanuel's mission, vision and guiding principles.

  • CG include worship through Word, music and prayer to draw near to God and bring Him glory.
  • CG include Bible study and application to grow in discipleship as Christ's followers.
  • CG include fellowship to celebrate our gifts and unity as Christ's body.
  • CG are ideally geographical to allow for easier mission to our neighbors and ministry to one another.
  • CG are ideally intergenerational to experience between all ages a REAL God in the midst of REAL life events.